1. Indian Hydrobiology accepts original research papers and review articles on all aspects of the
       biology of aquatic organisms in relation to their environment and exploitation of these for the benet
       of man.
2. Papers are published on the understanding that the authors have to pay a page charge to be notied to
       the authors.
3. Manuscripts should be neatly typed, double spaced with wide margin on one side of A4 size, good
       quality white paper and submitted in duplicate. The soft copy of the paper in a CD is compulsory and
       may also be sent along with it. Figures and illustrations have to be made in JPEG les.
4. The rst page of the manuscript should contain the title of the paper, a running title name(s) of
       author(s) with address and an abstract not exceeding 200 words.
5. Original research papers should be divided into Introduction, Material and Methods, Results,
       Discussion, Acknowledgements (if any) and References.
6. Tables should be typed on separate sheets with table number and title.
7. Figures should be grouped together in such a way as to t into A4size plate. Scale should always be
       drawn on the plate. Colour plates are accepted for publication.
8. Do not mix photographs and ink drawings on one plate.
9. Legend should be typed on separate sheets for each plate and inserted before the plate.
10. Indicate clearly the position where tables, plates of gures should be inserted in the text.
11. References in the text should be by name of author(s) and year of publication. Detailed reference
          giving name of author(s), year of publication, title of paper, abbreviated name of journal, volume,
          number and inclusive pages should be listed under references in an alphabetical order. Books should
          be cited by title, name of publisher and/or plates of publication and total number of pages.
12. Papers intended for publication in IH should be sent to the Chief Editor, Indian Hydrobiology, C/o
         Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology, 9/2, Lady Madhavan I Cross Street, Mahalingapuram,
         Chennai-600 034.
13. Those who desire acknowledgement of the receipt of the paper should enclose a self-addressed post
         card which will be returned with MSS number and date of receipt at this ofce.
14. All enquiries about the MSS should indicate the MSS No. and date of the receipt at this ofce.
15. 10 off prints of the paper will be supplied free of charge to the senior author/or whoever is
          authorized to receive them at the time of submission of the manuscript.
                                                                              SAMPLE CITATIONS:
                                                          Papers and reports submitted in periodicals
1) Bryan, G.W. 1960. The absorption of zinc and other metals by the brown seaweed,
          Laminaria digitata. J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K., 49: 225-243. Papers in edited books:
2) Burns, N.M. and C. Ross 1972. Oxygen-nutrient relationships within the central basin of Lake Erie.
         In: H.E.Allen and J.R. Karmer (eds.). Nutrients in natural water, Wiley-Interscience pp. 193-250.
3) Round, F.E. 1979. The ecology of algae. Cambridge Univ. Press, U.K. 652 pp.

Original research articles on all aspects of algae and other aquatic organisms are invited to be included in the forth coming issue to be released in December, 2017.

Mail your articles to the following  e-mail id.